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Working Double Time

As a New Yorker, space in my apartment is limited. We have to get creative how to store things and decide what is necessary to bring in and what is not. Even if you do not live in a shoe box,but are a member of the minimalist movement, it a great idea to make your cosmetics work double time. Most of the products you already own can be used in your daily beauty routine.

  • Baby powder= Dry Shampoo: Most bottles of dry shampoo are just powder in an aerosol can. Baby powder works best on lighter hair, similar to dry shampoo. It should be used as a light dusting and then brushed or rubbed into roots. It helps to absorb hair oils that decrease how long hair lasts.

  • Clear Mascara= Eye Brow Gel: It is not often that you use clear mascara, but for some reason we all have it. Instead of throwing it out, repurpose it to help tame your thick brows. It is perfect for the bushy brow trend. It works like hair gel to keep brows in place.

  • Conditioner= Shaving Cream: Have you haver been at a hotel and realize you do not have shaving cream to shave your legs? You would never think of using the shampoo and conditioner in the hotel unless you have perfect hair. However, at the hotel or in your house, you can use conditioner to shave your legs with. It creates a friction free glide while helping to have a flawless shave.

  • Eye Shadow= Hair Chalk or Root Coverage: Last Halloween, I needed purple, green and blue streaks in my hair to complete my costume. I never bought any dye, so I resorted to using my bold, jewel toned eye shadows as hair chalk. I rubbed it on my hair from root to tip and had a completed costume. Matte, neutral shadows can be used as root coverup when you are between highlighting appointments.

  • Lip Stain=Blush: Often times, lip stain is packaged as multi-purpose; however we often forget to utilize their multiple uses. For a natural flush look, lip stain will achieve that look. It helps to limit bulk in your makeup bag and create a great look.

These are just a few of the multi-use options. Do you have any others that are not mentioned? Comment below!

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