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You are run down. Regardless of the cause (holidays, work, life), you need a self care Sunday, even if it is Tuesday. You can search for a great spa, with a package that will not break the bank while treating all your needs, or you can easily bring the luxurious spa into your home.

First you need to make sure that you have the house to yourself, or at least the bathroom to set the mood and tone right. A clean, clutter free environment will start the day off right. Light a scented spa candle to mimic that distinct spa scent. Pursue the spa menu and decide what services you will treat yourself to today.

Body Treatment

If you have a bathtub, indulge in a nice soak. Use bath salts or a bath bomb to help soften skin. As you settle into the bath, skin will begin to soften. Once skin has soaked for a bit, it is the perfect time to start your exfoliating treatment. Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub ($38) is the reason for this article and is without a doubt the most transformative scrub. Just like when opening a new can of coffee you that first whiff transports you. The dark, thick scrub fills the bathroom with a combination of coffee and chocolate. The granules will gently work to remove dead skin to leave skin smooth. On the sweeter side is Natura Brasil's Acai Body Scrub ($25). It has a variety of granules to get every crevice smooth. Both exfoliators leave skin smooth, but not greasy.

After exfoliating, cleanse skin with Oribe's Intoxicating Cote d'Azur Soap ($28). The signature Oribe scented soap hydrates and cleanses skin thanks to the versatile properties of coconuts. Rounding out the body treatment is the finishing touches of a rich moisturized such as Volition's Illuminating Body Milk ($29). Like a marshmallow, the milk is quickly absorbed into skin leaving it moisturized and luminous from its light reflecting particles. A body oil, like Uncle Bud's Massage & Body Oil ($13) also will leave skin's moisture replenished. If you are partaking in this self care with a significant other, it also doubles as a massage oil for a little aromatherapy relaxation.


While soaking in the tub, take care of your face at the same time. Before starting, keep hair back with Daily Concepts Beauty Headband ($8), so hair does not interfere with the process. Face masks are the it skin care choice right now, especially sheet masks. Sheet masks can be found anywhere and everywhere. They are easy to use and help skin stay glowing. Korean sheet mask Oneoseven Coreflex Snow Mask Pack ($20) brightens and smoothes skin, creating a healthy-looking complexion. With pearl extract and snail secretion filtrate, the mask helps rebuild collagen and offers anti-aging benefits. It is best used after the masks have been refrigerated for one hour for a cooling effect. There are a ton of other mask options outside of the sheet game. Dr. Brandt has introduced his Magnetight Age Defier mask ($75) which uses a magnet to help draw out toxins and help fight signs of aging. For exfoliating, Fresh Sugar Face Polish ($62) is your best bet. It has the classic Fresh scent and will gently help to sloth away dead skin and reveal new smooth skin. Then perfect for your at home spa is Clean & Clear's Detox Clay Mask ($7) that works double time to help remove dirt, oil and impurities while helping to relax you.

After using a mask you want to make sure their benefits last. When you are at the facialist, they use multiple steps. Help brighten skin with Rodial's Vit C Brightening Cleansing Pads ($56) to do exactly what it says it does, brighten skin. If skin is easily irritated Cicapair Tiger Grass Camo Drops ($46) from Dr. Jart help to neutralize redness and even out skin for radiance. Youth to the People's Maqui + Acai Prickly Pear Goji Oil ($46) uses the power of nature to help hydrate skin and give it that glow for all types of skin. Finish off your facial with a moisturizer to help maintain that hard work or replenish skin with more so it is no longer thirsty. The Rapids Probitic Sorbet Moisturizer ($38) from H2O+ Beauty the lightweight moisturizer uses probiotics to help moisturize skin as it massaged into skin. One Ocean Beauty's Replenishing Deep Sea Moisturizer ($79) uses nature's strongest ingredients to help skin maintain its radiance.


Your hair deserves as much love as the rest of your body during this time. It goes through a lot and can use just as much R&R. First start with Pureology's Vinegar Hair Rinse ($29) to help clean locks of build up from product and natural environmental toxins. Start with clean locks to move onto the moisturizing step. A hair mask, like Its A 10's Silk Express Miracle Mask ($37) helps to soften hair, and revives locks. Hair oil works magic on hair. Working on both wet or dry hair, a hair oil such as Love, Beauty & Planet Lavender & Argan Oil ($7) will restore natural luster and moisture to hair. As time elapses, the oils' benefits will multiply. After it is shampooed out results will be seen immediately.

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