• Stephanie Yewdell

A zest above

Why do we squeeze lemon after lemon into our water? Why do we spend our life savings on sumo oranges?

The power of citrus for the body can work its power from the inside out and vise versa. Some we are more familiar with and others not. Lemon scented products in the realm of the house have a specific purpose; however it’s time to break that stereotype. Lemon has powerful properties that exceed far beyond lemony fresh. The detoxifying qualities also help with skin and hair.

Clean & Clear recently released a line of Lemon products to lift away dirt and impurities from skin. The extensive line has a Lemon Gel Cleanser ($8) to dissolve dirt, a Zesty Scrub ($8) to buff and brighten, a Juice Toner ($8) to expel impurities, Exfoliating Slices ($6) to swipe away dirt, and Cleansing Wipes that conveniently refresh while lifting makeup. Just like your face, hair is weighed by impurities, where lemon can work its magic too. Avalon Organics new Clarifying Lemon shampoo ($9). Not only does it remove build up to restore shine, it smells just like fresh squeezed lemon.

Citrus scented products have transformative properties themselves. I regularly use it to help my students stay alert during long lessons or rigorous assessments. The benefits should be shared with all. If you have been on Instagram recently, you also know the hyper around Target's new, simple line Smartly. The most popular scent that Target can't keep in stock is Smells Like Summer. A mix of citrus fruits, the body wash ($2), body lotion ($2) and hand soap ($1) refresh and energize you. As well, there has been a recent wave of fragrances that have strong notes of citrus. Replica just came out with Under the Lemon Trees ($126). The name says it all, but the lemon notes are complimented with coriander, Mate absolute, tea leaves, hints of cedar and white musks. Prada Infusion Mandarine ($160) has all the oranges from orange blossoms, to neroli to bitter orange to create a bouquet of freshness.

The power of the citrus fruit should be harnessed, and used for good and not evil. Awaken your senses to greatness.

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