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Beauty Brands You Haven't Heard Of: Schåf Skincare

Earlier this year arriving in the states from our peaceful, accepting neighbor to the north is the skincare line Schåf Skincare. In minimalist packaging, the genderless line is truly extensive. There is everything from a purifying scrub to a shave cream. The entire line is plant based and fragrance and toxin free to avoid irritations. All products are genderless. While that may seem on trend, our skin care routine is not defined by our gender, but our concerns. It is just common sense. It performs at a top notch level that will not disappoint, even those with sensitive skin.

For example the Facial Cleanser ($35) removes dirt and grim lurking in pores with a gentle, minimal foam. It helps to sooth skin and remove make up. Its amazing how powerful simple, natural products perform. As well, the Moisturizer ($45) packs a punch. A small amount of cream hydrates skin, and is absorbed quickly. One might think it would be heavy, but once applied it its settles into skin. The hyaluronic acid delivers the moisture. The peptides help to prevent future wrinkles and help the ones we already have. Schaf is already racking up the awards and accoldes for their products, such as the Shave Cream ($20). Like everything in the line, it does not overcomplicate the process. There is aloe to soothe skin and hyaluronic acid to blast skin with moisture.

The line currently can only be purchased online in the states, but it is worth the try. With only a $50 purchase shipping is free. Your skin will thank you, all while the bottles look chic in your bathroom.

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