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Tried & True and Something New: Dove

There are some essential, universal brands in the beauty world and beyond that everyone knows. At some point in time you have probably used a Dove product. Chances are you are still washing with Dove soap and its quarter moisturizer.

However sometimes brands we love only make one product to cherish, while others expand and have the potential to fill our entire bathroom. Dove us constantly innovating our bathroom routine. Introducing some of Dove's news members of the family:

Foam Conditioner ($5): Whether you need volume or moisture these airy conditioners do not weigh hair down like other conditioners can. They are perfectly suited for those with fine hair, and moisturizes on a micro level.

Milk Conditioner ($5): Environmental factors wreck havoc on hair and leave it unbalanced. This is where the new line of milk conditioners come into play. They help to reverse signs of damage from the daily to the extreme. Once again for those with fine hair (aka me) it will not weigh hair down or accelerate hair from becoming dirty.

0% Aluminum Deodorant ($8): With its classic quarter moisturizer, this new range of deodorants do not have aluminum or alcohol. Different from an antiperspirant, the deodorants will help you feel fresh throughout the day. It is available

in 4 fresh scents: Cucumber & Green Tea, Coconut & Pink Jasmine, Blue Fig & Orange Blossom, and Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena

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