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Making the grade: Megababe Thigh Rescue

Summer is coming. What that means for me is figuring out what to wear that does not turn me into a puddle. That means dresses. For me it means dresses and shape wear. I wear it for multiple reasons, to help smooth everything out: my lines and my walk. It has always been my go to. However for about a year, I have been following Katie Sturino who is helping propel the body positivity and make my size movement. As well, she is behind Mega Babe Beauty that is helping make uncomfortable situations bearable. At first I was unsure about saying bye bye to my shape wear and trust an anti-chafe stick. Eventually, I came around to trying Megababe Thigh Rescue ($14), but then it was ALWAYS Sold out. Then big things happened for the brand and me. It launched at Target. In my cart the babe went and waiting the began. I was skeptical beyond belief for my first use. Before pulling on my skirt I applied. Thigh Rescue looks just like a stick of deodorant (which they make too). It went on smooth. As I started walking it felt as if I was wearing a pair of silk jammies. As I walked a little more I got used to the feeling and was mesmerized that my legs swished all the way to the subway. As I wore it throughout the day, I thought it was wearing off. It was a warmer day, and thought it sweat off. I did not think it worked at first, but I did not give up.

That same week, I wanted to wear a skirt to work. So, I gave it the ole college try again. Same effect. My legs felt like silk and they moved smoothly. They never got stuck on each other. Only those who experience the chafe understand this. I packed the stick in my bag, in case I needed to reapply. Again it was a scorcher. In my flowy skirt, I climbed the steps to the roof for recess and baked in the sun. Throughout the entire day, the Thigh Rescue worked overtime. I did not realize how amazing it was until there was no rash from the friction. Initially, I did not think the product worked because it felt as if it wore off. It may be that I got used to the sensation or it is pure magic.

The magic is courtesy of an amazing marriage of ingredients. There is aloe, which soothes skin with its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. It works with orange oil that also provides fast inflammation relief. Protecting the outer skin layer, promoting cell regeneration and rapid healing is from pomegranate Seed Extract. This helped keep the rash at bay. There is also ginger root extract to even skin tone and improve elasticity. Finally, grapeseed oil works at suppling skin-firming flavonoids to help build up collagen.

I cannot express how revolutionary Megababe Thigh Rescue is to me. This summer, I do not have to feel constrained in my shape wear that always rolls up and down. I can finally wear shorter shorts that look better on me and not worry about that summer stick.

If you think you might chafe anywhere this summer, invest in the Thigh Rescue. Megababe has expanded into Megaman, so there is a rescue for everyone.

Final Grade: A++ (Valedictorian)

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