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Summer Bare Necessities

Every summer, I write a round up of all the summer products you need to keep yourself safe. At this point, everyone knows exactly what they need and it is already July.

Since summer is in full swing, we all know what every beauty babe is focusing on. They are focusing on making sure their skin is protected, but also is luminous. Bare Republic is a line of mineral sunscreens that have been one of my go to's for the past few summers. Having been featured in those annual round ups, they could go unnoticed, so today is their time to shine. They offer a full line of products that help to protect skin without chemical sunscreen actives. They are reef friendly, so you can swim without worry. Worry free that you won't get burned. Worry free you won't exacerbate that ocean crisis. The sunscreens are also broad spectrum and many are water resistant.

I recently received two new products from them that I am so in love with. First is their Golden Daze ($8) which is a shimmer sunscreen stick. It is an SPF 50, so it means business. With just enough shimmer to look like you were sun kissed, you will forget its working double time to help prevent sun damage. It is perfect for all summer events that require a little bit of make up and who would not want this to help highlight while contouring. As well, its a fun beach accessory that helps to show how much you truly glow. For me, the golden shimmer is subtle enough that I can wear it every day and feel glamorous. The shimmer sticks are also available in Sparkling Rose, and Holographic.

I also received Mineral Citrus Cooler Continuous Spray SPF 30 ($15). Summer is always synonymous with the smell of sunscreen. It is such a trigger to bring back memories and this is no exception. It is a continuous spray that actually shows you where to land. Unlike other continuous spray sun screens, it is not completely translucent, so you must rub it in to cover all spots. A misnomer is that the other continuos sprays do not need to be rubbed in. It completely rubs in leaving a soft, sweet natural citrus scent. It lasts and lasts. The spray is enriched with moisturizing oils. There are other great options such as Coco Mango SPF 30 and Vanilla Coco SPF 50.

Bare Republic can be found at Ulta and Target locations. What is great about the line overall is that it is both free of harmful chemicals and priced competitively to other sunscreens.

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