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Not throwing away our shot

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From reading Ron Chernow’s Hamilton to seeing Hamilton the Musical. Thursday night I had the privilege of taking my former student to see one of my favorite musicals.

This student was my advisee in both fifth and sixth grade. He is special, he is one of a kind, he is brilliant. When he was in my history class last year, the historian inside him was awoke

n. He had this way of attacking primary sources and connecting ideas that only history professors do. When we would listen to Hamilton in class the light inside him would beam.

That year I taught him, I had seen the show twice. I won the lottery and took my brother, then my mom and I went about 6 weeks later for my Hanukkah present. I was already hooked and wanted to see the show a million more times. I vowed to myself that if I won again, I would take my student. Of any person who needed to see the show, it was him. Even after I left my old school, a place I hold near and dear to my heart, my students hold a very special place there. I never lost touch with them. I would check in on them throughout the year and visit when I had the chance.

Teaching in NYC, is a privilege because I have so many cultural experiences that I can share with my students. Broadway is the pinnacle because it does not seem attainable. I want to thank the entire cast of Hamilton. You were my student’s first broadway show and one that will never live up to future experiences. It’s hard when you are sitting front row and Jefferson basically spits on you. The cast of Hamilton was absolutely amazing last night. Simply the best I have seen. Your chemistry was palpable and you made us both gasp and react to all the excitement, both good and bad, last night. It is with so much gratitude that I was able to have this experience. My heart is so full.

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