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Slather on the Chill

It has taken me a while to truly embrace this trend. I thought it was elicit. I thought it was scandalous. I thought it was addictive. It was CBD products. I was uneducated about what exactly CBD was in comparison to THC products. There has been plenty of literature published on the difference. I think I was truly convinced this was a bit more “mellow” when visiting family, and my cousin’s mom was talking about the benefits of her CBD gummies have had on her sleep. If you knew her, this fact took me by surprise. It also coincided with me attending the launch of AK! Chill. I was even hesitant to attend. But after talking with former Rockette and Broadway actress, Amanda Kloots and her explaining to me why she created AK! Chill. I was starting to come around to the idea. So that night, I went home and lathered up my aching joints. I forgot to mention, the event was also on the same day as field day, where quite a competitive game of kickball broke out. So, I was sore.

Before applying I reviewed the benefits and directions of the CBD Cream. As it is appliied it starts to cool and aid in muscle recovery. Tired muscles start to become relaxed. The cream is made with organic plant extracts and a combination of menthol, arnica and 99%+ pure crystalline cannabidol (CBD). It is non-toxic, vegan, and certified organic. The menthol cools, the arnica relaxes and the CBD works its magic.

I do not have a constant pain such as an injury that is healing, so I have only used the cream when I am in pain from a particularly hard workout. Before bed I apply it and do feel the area become cool. The scent is not over powering like other muscle creams can be. As I settle into bed, I notice on nights when I use the cream, I am enveloped with sense of calm and my pain is subsiding. I fall into a much deeper sleep. Since I was using the product infrequently, it took me some time to draw the connections, and then the light bulb went off. The cream is perfect for muscle pain, aching joints, sore back and knees, muscle spasm and inflammation.

The cream runs for $78. At first, I thought this was pricy, but it is comparable with other CBD creams and products on the market. I think it actually might be less expensive since the bottle is 3.4 ounces, which is larger than other bottles I have seen for sale.

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