• Stephanie Yewdell

Basic ingredients, not so basic skin

Thanksgiving is soon and chances are there will be pumpkin pie at the table. We know it’s basic and on-trend and that everything is pumpkin spiced. It is no surprise that all our skincare is too, but despited the pumpkin spiced trend, pumpkin has amazing qualities that leave skin looking radiant. Pumpkin is loaded with Vitamin A & C that work together for a 1-2 punch to anti-aging. As well, pumpkin is rich in all the B vitamins that help to ward off acne. Then all the enzymes in the pumpkin help to brighten skin. So lean into the trend because when you get back up, your skin will be radiant.

Shea Terra is a natural beauty brand that only sources the best ingredients that will treat your face and body the way nature intended it. So when they introduced their Pumpkin Spiced line it was not to be on-trend but to be the best option for your skin. Starting with the Kigelia White Honey Pumpkin the Plumper Face Mask Age Defense ($26) you instantly know that this line and brand are different and better than what you are used to. It looks as if it is in a vitamin bottle, but that is just to keep the integrity of everything. The main ingredient is honey, so it needs to be stirred up with each use to incorporate all the ingredients. In 15-20 minutes the power of pumpkin works its magic to plump and revive tired dry skin. And if a little drips on your lips it's a snack too. The Shea Niltok’ Shea Butter Moisture Wash Pumpkin Spice ($16) is a naturally moisturizing body wash that pairs great with Shea Nilotik’ Coconut Sugar Whipped Body Scrub Pumpkin Spice ($16) in the shower. Your skin is transformed each time you leave the shower. Then finish off your delish dish with a choice of with the Shea Nilotik’ 20% Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Lotion Pumpkin Spice ($16) or

($16). The lotion is packed with 20% shea butter is great for everyday use and will not feel heavy if you use it during the day. The Body cream is a bit heavier and is perfect to work its magic at night with its 30% shea butter.

So trends come and go and may get a bad rap, but good skin is always in style. So, grab that pumpkin and have those vitamins and enzymes naturally work their wonder on your skin.

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