• Stephanie Yewdell

Reset it and forget it

Even for someone like me, someone who does not use heat on her hair consistently, my hair needs some TLC. I was recently sent the set of Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Shampoo ($48) and Conditioner ($58). I was apprehensive to use a restoring shampoo and conditioner with my fine, oily hair. Whenever I have used a product such as this the minute my hair dried this was not the case. Unlike its competitors, this set works great with any type of hair and leaves it looking fresh and brand new. Formulated with rice extract the shampoo and conditioner strengthen hair while eliminating build-up and impurities. A little of both the rich shampoo and conditioner go a long way. It lathers up really nice and smells divine. When hair is dry it does not feel or appear greasy and maintains its natural volume. It helps to enhance hair color and enhance your hair's beauty. This product is pricey, but it is well worth it and the bottles will last a long time. Your hair is worth it, so show it some love.

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